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We are required to screen all apps prior to reviewing them to determine if the app is suitable for our audience and therefore will require a promo code for downloading. If your app is chosen for review, we will contact you for a promo code so please do not include any promo codes with this request as we may not be able to redeem them before they expire.

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  1. Jaehoon Kang

    Hi, I am Jaehoon Kang who is a marketing manager at Fivethirty inc. from South Korea. I am writing to appeal our application, Let’s fold because Let’s Fold is the first paper folding game without any paper for especially children! And I think it is good for you to take a brief look at Let’s fold.

    **As of this coming Halloween, the new version of Let’s fold will be updated before October 26th with stages and characters of halloween theme. I am sure that the new Let’s fold is much more fun and intriguing! The attached screenshots of this coming halloween update are only for reviewers(Please keep these confidential) If you are interested in checking APK file, please reply me back:)**

    [Let’s fold is]

    Brain & puzzle game based on the art of the Japanese Origami and free to play.

    Featured with a lot of adorable characters and challenging stages and chapters, and sweet music.

    [How to Play?]

    You simply fold a square paper with your finger into predetermined shape like dog, cat, and other adorable characters. Once you play Let’s fold, I am sure that you feel Let’s fold is addictive and has lots of fun.

    [Here is what other reviewers said]

    “The art of paper folding and here is another puzzle game app that has innovated this fine art into an intuitive screen of folding gameplay”

    by Puzzle Game App (link:

    “A well designed and challenging folding simulator”

    by Game in Asia (link:

    “This mobile game takes the ancient Japanese art into the 21st century!!!”

    by Tech in Asia(link:

    “Let’s Fold: Collection – For Brain Teasing and Origami Enthusiast!”

    by Game Spot(link:

    [Strength and update]

    On October 14th, Let’s fold took the 3rd place with $40,000 of award from the global K-startup contest(supported by Google) among over 580 startup companies

    The latest version of Halloween with characters and stages of halloween theme

    Over 500,000 people have already downloaded

    Compatible with all devices of both Android and IOS

    Over 50 chapters and a variety of adorable characters(Printing version of Let’s fold will also be available soon)

    Demonstrated at SXSW 2014 in Austin, TX

    Let’s fold is free of charge so our app does not have any promotion code.

    Instead, I put a link to download our app through Google play Store:

    A link to download our app for IOS user through Itunes:

    A link to watch a promotional video through Youtube:

  2. Richard Rabassa

    Hello! I gave you a promo code in my application and then read the fine print above – Just email me if you need another code.

    Thanks, rich

  3. Nilanjan


    We would like to ask you to review “Cravings – Win the Hunger Games, Be 50 Shades healthier App for iPhone” on your site. The app is #3 Cravings App in iTunes today and in the top 50 Food and Drinks App as of this writing with all 5 star ratings from satisfied users.

    It’s unique app, no analogs in AppStore. It is an adaptive intelligent app that conforms to user food habits and presents smart choices to the users (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) which helps them stay within their daily calorie goals. The App has stunning graphics and a simple intuitive design. When Cravings hit, turn to this app for instant feedback on what it means for your health and fitness.

    iTunes link:
    Video link

    We will be glad to provide you as many promo codes as you need for testing. If you wish to run a contest/competition for promo codes on
    your site – we will also be glad to provide you several promo codes for this.

    Best Regards

  4. Joyce McAndrews

    Thanks for the quick response to my email, Amanda. I love your site and appreciate you considering our geography app for review.

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