News: Gooloo Launches Ultimate Portable Jump Starter on Indiegogo

San Francisco, 6 February: GOOLOO, the leading battery power expert, has announced the ultimate jump starter – portable, but powerful enough to charge virtually anything. From motoring safely through to running MacBooks or smartphones, the GOOLOO G2000 is the ultimate car accessory for all occasions.

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is set for launch on 6 February 2018, and will allow consumers to get priority access to the very first GOOLOO G2000 models to ship.

From jump starting a vehicle in a snow-bound carpark, helping out a work colleague whose battery has failed, to keeping personal devices topped-up, the G2000 does it all with ease. Never scramble for a power source again – the future of charging-on-the go is here.

Vital as an in-car breakdown safety device, and perfect for the holiday home and office alike, the all-new GOOLOO G2000 car jump starter is portable and will jump start all 12V petrol and diesel car or boat engine, even if the battery has died.

The slimline lithium-ion battery packs a punch, with a class-leading delivery of 2000 peak amps – 1.5x more powerful than the competition – and a massive capacity of 28,800mAh.

The rugged exterior boasts a unique combination of dual USB and additional USB-C 60W outlets, that charge MacBooks, phones, cameras up to four times faster than competitors. The G2000 can also support 15V/10A output which powers the any of the huge range of handy car accessories on the market like vacuums and tire inflators.

GOOLOO has built up an impressive pedigree in the portable jump starter market, specialising in consumer automotive safety solutions, becoming the biggest seller of car accessories on Amazon’s Black Friday 2017, earning impeccable customer feedback in the process.

GOOLOO’s new flagship product, the GOOLOO G2000 car jump starter, is rechargeable in under eight hours via a normal wall socket or an in-car 12V cigarette lighter output, making it the ideal winter breakdown prevention device, as well as the ultimate in-car power solution.

Weighing in at a lightweight 1.8lbs, the GOOLOO G2000 delivers an impressive performance but also extensive safety features, including fuse protection, anti-reverse plug technology and overcharge and discharge protection, while a 12-month warranty provides peace of mind.

The GOOLOO G2000 car jump starter also features enhanced safety devices for the motorist, with a built-in three mode LED light (high, strobe and SOS), a unique ‘smart cable’ that ensures an easy-to-understand self-diagnosing vehicle jump-starting sequence, and even the option to jump start via the car’s cigarette lighter socket for the ultimate in ease-of use.

Xerro Chou, GOOLOO founder said: “The all-new GOOLOO G2000 jump starter is the result of thousands of hours of research, as well as overwhelming customer demand for our popular Amazon range. So many satisfied customers asked for an upgrade to their chargers we just had to create the incredible G2000.”

G2000 Specifications

Input Type-C 60W (5V/9V/12V/15V/20V 3A)

Output Type-C 60W (5V/9V/12V/15V/20V 3A), Quick charge (5V/2.4A,9V/2A), 5V/2.1A,15V/10A

Capacity 28,000mAh

Start current 800A

Peak current 2000A

Size 8.2 x 3.5 x 1.4

Weight 1.8lbs

Operating temperature -20°C~60°C /-4°F~140°F

Lifetime >1000 cycles

Full charging time 4 hours on quick charge, 8 hours with normal charge


GOOLOO designs and manufactures high capacity, safe and reliable car jump starters. It is committed to research and development to bring customers the most effective power source for all occasions, whether powering a laptop or jump starting a vehicle. A top seller on Amazon with hundreds of positive reviews the company aims to bring further popular battery power devices to the market. GOOLOO sold ten thousand car jump starters within three hours of Amazon Prime Day 2017.

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Get hands-on and visit the moon at CES 2018

Las Vegas, 8 January 2018: AstroReality will be showcasing its record-breaking LUNAR model along with its Mini Solar System, and AR Notebook at CES 2018.

Swing by the AstroReality CES 2018 booth to get hands-on with LUNAR and the entire solar system. The Augmented Reality app will allow users to follow in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, and experience one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind by virtually landing on the moon.

AstroReality’s LUNAR model launched on Indiegogo in September 2017, and hit a massive $210,399 within weeks, smashing its funding target of $50,000 by a whopping 516%.

Hand painted and crafted using the most accurate and advanced 3D printing technology, the softball-sized LUNAR Pro is modeled to 0.006 millimeters per pixel precision as it features a high-resolution topography based on data captured by NASA’s Lunar Orbiter science team.

With its AR app, AstroReality, weaves together an unparalleled way to experience the Moon, in the hand, and through a smartphone.

The AstroReality Mini Solar System includes nine mini models using the same precise measurement of LUNAR. The se includes all the planets in the solar system as well as the Sun and the Moon.

The LUNAR range – LUNAR Pro, LUNAR Regular and pocket-sized LUNAR Mini are priced from $39, and the Solar System Mini Set steals the show at an RRP of $129.

AstroReality will also be demoing the LUNAR Notebook at CES. This small notebook isn’t like your regular notepad. As well as being able to take notes there are will be dedicated pages that will allow users to experience the Moon using the AR app. An informative and immersive notepad fun for any age.

Zerlot Ma, AstroReality’s founder, said: “Space exploration through the years has been intensely exciting for all ages, and yet out of reach for most.

“With LUNAR we have brought the magic and mystery of space right into the palm of the hand – the only thing customers need to bring is the power of their imagination. Use the companion AR app for a thrilling educational experience that is quite literally out of this world…”

Coming next will be AstroReality’s model, PLUTO, which will be intricately detailed 1:116,020,845 scale high definition 3D printed model. It will be compatible with AstroReality augmented reality (AR) app that brings the exquisitely detailed model to life, turning a mobile device into a wide-ranging and engaging interstellar experience for all ages.

LUNAR Specifications
Scale – 1:28,969,000
Weight – 1300g
Grain – High Resolution
Printing Resolution – 0.006mm per pixel
Material – Poly Resin
Painting – Distressed Textural Painting
App – iOS and Android

Solar System Mini Specifications
Mercury Scale – 1:162,600,000
Venus Scale – 1:403,450,000
Earth Scale – 1:425,200,000
Mars Scale – 1:226,466,667
Saturn Scale – 1:4,018,000,000
Jupiter Scale – 1:4,766,200,000
Neptune Scale – 1:1,703,900,000
Uranus Scale – 1:1,651,100,000
Pluto Scale – 1:77,400,000
Weight – 16g
Grain – High Resolution
Printing Resolution – 0.1 mm per pixel
Material – VisiJet PXL
Painting – Distressed Textural Painting

About AstroReality
Established in 2017, AstroReality designs scientific interactive models. Its flagship product the LUNAR Pro has been crafted in accordance with NASA’s LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) data to ensure unparalleled scientific accuracy. AstroReality’s mission is to enable anyone to experience the moon from an astronaut or astronomer’s perspective.

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Las Vegas, 8th January 2018: Clazio, the smart audio experts, introduce the ultimate in smart home entertainment – the all-in-one connected companion to rule them all.

Watch a movie, check email, control other smart home devices via a stunning Android-powered touchscreen, listen to music of any genre or style or simply check the weather via Amazon Alexa or OK Google, the Clazio Spark and Clazio Speaker light up everyday life.

The Clazio Spark is a new touchscreen home entertainment centre that combines the very best in voice technologies, top content providers, and premium audio in an unbeatable package that blows away the competition. Alongside the original Clazio Speaker the stunning duo are set to wow the crowds at CES 2018, with the most powerful wireless audio and video experience intown, but without compromising on quality.

The Clazio Spark features a stunning seven inch Full HD (323 PPI) touchscreen to navigate the best in entertainment, from film to video shorts to Spotify or internet radio – all based on the popular Android platform, so there’s no shortage of content options.

Not only is there enormous choice and flexibility around content, but the Clazio Spark has impeccable credentials in voice control, as it interfaces with not only Amazon Alexa but also OK Google. By incorporating two Far Field microphones the Clazio Spark can pick up the quietest of requests, even in the bustle of a busy household.

Behind the scenes, a potent hardware combination of an Octa Core CPU, 2GB RAM and 16GB (expandable to 48GB with an SD card) means there’s plenty of power when needed. As a final touch, a 4,800 mAh battery means going mobile with a favourite tune or interesting documentary around the home is super-simple, with astonishing up to five hours of music or four hours of video on tap.

Security and up-to-the-moment apps are also taken care of, as the Clazio Spark runs the latest Android 7.0 Nougat.

Mr Dake Liu, CEO at Clazio, said: “We are very proud to present the very latest and best in home entertainment at CES 2018. Bringing together the power of our best-in-class hardware with Android, Amazon Alexa and OK Google means we have an unbeatable combination. With the Clazio Spark and Clazio Speaker anything is possible.”

Clazio will also demonstrate the best-selling Clazio Speaker at CES 2018, the original wireless speaker market disruptor. Offering an exciting home entertainment mix of a seven inch touchscreen, dual 5W speakers and Android-powered platform, the Clazio Speaker has not only beauty but brains to match. With an attractive wallet-friendly price point, stunning design cues and a powerful spec list, the Clazio Speaker is every bit the smart home connoisseurs choice. Featuring the full breadth of the Android platform, a stunning 7-inch IPS 1280×800 display and integration with the incredibly powerful voice recognition capabilities of Amazon Alexa and OK Google, the Clazio Speaker is compact yet mighty in every sense.

Clazio Spark technical specs:

Height 160mm
Dimensions 193*190*110mm
Weight 0.8kg(1.763 pounds)
Materials plastic
Solution Octa Core CPU
Memory 2GB DDR3
NandFlash 16GB
Extend card TF card (Max to 32GB)
Display 7″ display, capacitive multi-touch screen (G+G), 1920*1280 pixel
Webcamera 5.0MP front
WiFi 2.4G+5G(IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2T2R) WLAN USB Module)
Bluetooth v2.1+EDR,v3.0,and v4.0+BLE
Speaker (L)5W +(R)5W
I/O Port microSD, HDMI, Micro USB, DC port
System Google Android 7.0
Battery Li-poly battery 4800mAH, Support Music play for 6 hours (Screen off) or Video play for 2.5 hours
MSRP $269

Clazio Speaker technical specs:

370*225*140mm; 2 lbs
WiFi & Bluetooth
Quad core CPU
Amazon Alexa and OK Google
Android 6.0
7-inch IPS 1280*800 display
MSRP $229


For more information, or to organise an interview and product demonstration at CES 2018 (Clazio booth 52541 Eureka Park, Sands Expo), contact Anna Palagi at Honni on

About Clazio

We are an energetic and highly-experienced team with a passion for connected devices. With over 20 years of experience in consumer electronics and acoustic technology, our dream is to bridge the gap between people and technology through simple and intuitive products.

News: BINOREAL launches speed-controlled rechargeable smart bike light


BINOREAL has launched the Radius F1, a speed-controlled smart bike light on Indiegogo


BINOREAL launches speed-controlled rechargeable smart bike light

Lighting expert BINOREAL today launches the Radius F1 front smart bike light, which adapts brightness and lighting mode (beaming to pulsing) automatically to help cyclists commute more safely.

The number of people cycling to work in the U.S. has increased by 60% in the past decade*, which means there is a real need for safe, reliable, technologically advanced cycling accessories. The Radius F1 smart bike light ensures cyclists have the visibility and indicators they require when traveling in poor light conditions.

Smart responsive lighting**

The Radius F1 smart bike light uses hundreds of microlenses, which combine with a reflector to effectively illuminate both distant and close-up terrain. Bike lights which adapt brightness and lighting mode while cycling is not new, but the majority switch sharply between two or three preset light levels, which can distract the cyclist and others around. The Radius F1 transitions between a dim and bright light seamlessly, with no jarring shifts in light output. This minimizes the risk of an accident.

The Radius F1’s user-friendly design means unlike other smart bike lights there aren’t any technology integrations required—it is both speed sensor and light source.

When cyclists gain speed, the Radius F1’s RightBrightTM component automatically brightens its light so cyclists can see further ahead; when the bike slows, it dims—and it shifts at the same rate the speed changes. This conserves battery power and ensures visibility is always optimal for the cyclist’s speed.

In addition to auto-adjusting brightness, SecurePulseTM technology automatically switches to flash mode when braking to a stop and pulse mode when turning a corner. This gives other cyclists and motorists indication of the cyclist’s movements for increased safety.

After three minutes of non-movement, the light’s PerfectPowerTM functionality means it automatically switches the light to standby mode. Once the bike moves, the light becomes active and returns to its default speed-controlled lighting mode. After one hour of bike inactivity, the light’s power shuts off completely to save battery.

User- friendly controls

Easily attach the Radius F1 and Bluetooth remote to the handlebars and manually adjust brightness and mode in seconds.

The high power Lithium-ion battery can keep going for up to two hours continuously in high mode, and the easy-to-read display on top of the casing displays how much battery charge is left. Simply snap on the light’s magnetic charger and recharge in three to four hours.

Smart durable design

The TurnLockTM mounting, means the light can be attached and reattached within seconds, and Bluetooth connectivity ensures control of the device without hands having to leave the handlebar.

Engineered for both aesthetic excellence and technological performance, the Radius F1 smart bike light is minimalist and high-tech. It’s sleek black and silver casing will suit any bike frame.

Made with the highest grade materials and by leading manufacturing processes such as CNC aluminum machining, the Radius F1 provides excellent lighting accuracy and heat transfer.

Crafted with pinpoint precision, it is IPX7-rated, which means it is safe from water damage even when submerged in 3.3 feet of water for 30 minutes. The light helps to retain safe cycling in adverse weather conditions.

BINOREAL’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign kicks off on the 6 December with a target of $15,000 to put the pioneering device into mass production.


Radius F1 450: $79.99 (High mode: 450 Lumens, battery capacity: 2600mAh)
Radius F1 650: $99.99 (High mode: 650 Lumens, battery capacity: 3300mAh)
Remote control: $19.99

Version Radius F1 450 Radius F1 650
LED Cree XP-G2 S4 Cree XM-L2 U3
Light Modes High (450 lumens),

Med (300 lumens),

Low (200 lumens),

Pulse (250 & 450 lumens),

Flash (450 lumens)

Auto mode

High (650 lumens),

Med (350 lumens),

Low (200 lumens),

Pulse (300 & 600 lumens),

Flash (600 lumens)

Auto mode

Run Time 2 hours on High mode
Battery Type 18650 Lithium-ion battery
Battery Capacity 2600 mAh 3300 mAh
Recharge Time 3 hours (5V/2A) 4 hours (5V/2A)
Light Color Cool white
Light Temperature 6500K
  • Lamp and Bluetooth remote switch: aluminum, high-strength PC
  • Bracket: glass-fiber-reinforced nylon
Weight 0.25 lb / 116 g
Dimensions 2.24 x 3.07 x 1.26 in / 57 x 78 x 32 mm
Waterproof Yes; IPX7
Drop Resistance 3.3 ft / 1 m
Mount Size Application diameter: 1 in / 25.4 mm; 1.25 in / 31.8 mm
Auto Mode Speed(mph) VS Lumen Speed (mph) Light output (lumens)
0 – 15 200 – High brightness
15 – max High brightness
Riding condition Light mode
Uninterrupted riding Speed-controlled lighting (faster = brighter, slower = dimmer)
Braking to a stop Flash mode
Turning Pulse mode
Stopped for 3+ minutes Standby mode
Moving bike after 3+ minutes in standby Wakeup; return to stepless speed-controlled lighting
Stopped for 1 hour Full power shut-off




BINOREAL designs and manufactures high-performance outdoor lighting products. With an international team of engineers and designers, the brand’s aim is to use smart technologies to enhance outdoor adventures.

For more information visit BINOREAL’s website at