Simple, relatively inexpensive solution to poor internet reception.


Won’t turn a really weak signal into a really strong one- a 1 bar improvement is typical


If you struggle with poor internet connection on your iPhone 5/5s I would recommend checking out the LINKASE PRØ – it will typically increase signal strength by 1 bar which can be enough to significantly improve performance


Do you ever struggle with getting a decent WiFi, or 3G/ 4G signal on your iPhone ? I know I do. Absolute Technology have a simple solution to help with this frustrating problem – a case that improves your signal. The LINKASE PRØ  is available for the iPhone 5/5s, I tested it with the iPhone 5.

At first glance the LINKASE PRØ  looks like a regular simple Polycarbonate case. It comes in a variety of colors- black, white, midnight blue and pink, I reviewed the pink version. The iPhone slips easily into the case and the back and all 4 corners are protected against knocks. There are cutouts over the camera and all buttons and ports. There is no screen protection, so I used it with a stick-on screen protector to avoid scratches.

linkcase pro2

The real secret to the case is in two hidden 2 EMW elements. The EMW stands for Electro Magnetic Waveguide and they are like a flat antennae that is normally stored within the case, but when you want to use it you just pull on the tab to extend it. The upper one is for WiFi, the lower one is for 3G (4G in some areas).

The way that it works is that cellular phones use low level radiation for signal reception, but a lot of this energy is wasted. The EMW steers some the the radiation away from the body and into the open air this has 2 effects : 1. It improves the signal and 2. It decreases the person’s exposure to this low level radiation.


How well does it work ?

I frequently stay in a cabin that has very poor 3G/4G reception to the point that I can’t connect at all in some rooms and have very weak connection elsewhere, so I tested out the LINKASE PRØ there. I found that it did improve my signal by 1 bar (which is the level of improvement the manufacturers say to expect). Now this isn’t spectacular- it doesn’t turn a weak signal into a really strong one but it can be enough to make a real difference. Without the LINKASE PRØ I could check my email, but couldn’t use my iPhone as a hotspot for my computer and couldn’t watch Youtube or similar streaming videos. Using the LINKASE PRØ I was able to use my iPhone as a hotspot (thought it was still a slow connection at least it was a connection) and watch videos online. This was enough to make a real difference for me. An added benefit is that as the phone is having to work as hard to get a signal, it also improves battery life, the manufacturer quotes the battery life as increasing by 20%. This will only happen when you have the EMW elements extended so if, like me, you only extend them when you are actively using the phone the effect may not be so noticeable.

If you spend time in places with poor 3G/4G or WiFi signal I would definitely recommend checking out the LINKASE PRØ case. Don’t expect it to turn a really weak signal into a really strong one, but it will typically increases signal strength by 1 bar, which can be enough to make a real difference in performance. The LINKASE PRØ case is a simple, relatively cheap solution to the problem of poor internet reception on your iPhone.

Available online from AbsoluteTechnology RRP $39.95


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